Friday, August 29, 2008

Utee vaas/ Utee vase

Hier nog weer een andere toepassing met de nieuwe stempel van Michael Strong. Deze keer heb ik hem gestempeld in UTEE. Wil je daar meer over weten, kijk dan eens op de website van
Suze Weinberg, zij is de expert op dit gebied! Here another way to use your new Michel Strong stamp. Press it onto UTEE. You want to know more about this application? Visit Suze Weinberg's website, she is the expert!


Creative Chaos said...

Schitterende kaarten !!!
Patti xx

Lyn S said...

Hi Hetty! I love the cards you've been sending to the TJ group, so thought I'd have a look around your blog too.

There's even more beautiful artwork here!


Unknown said...

This is a lovely card I love the background paper did you make it your self?