Friday, July 15, 2016

Très Triste

In the light of the horrific events in France,
I just had to make these cards.
Club Scrap Bistro meets Boardwalk.

I started to make a few backgrounds with  the
Eiffel Tower stencil from the Bistro kit. I used broken 
china distress spray. First you spray through the 
stencil, take it of turn it upside down and press it
to another piece of paper.

Cutting up some parts into tags to make the
Club Scrap Forum sketch  for July.
In the background you see peple stamped
from the Bistro rubber stamps. 

Well, the sentiment speaks for itself.
Seemingly a quiet spot, just before it all 

And here I also stamped a very fitting sentiment.
The background was beautiful enough, did
not need much else. I tore the left side for the broken lives.
Decorated with blue and red twine around the card.

What the World needs now
is Love Sweet Love.....

Thanks for looking
and let's create a better world.


Tina Dornbaum said...

Such sad circumstances. Beautiful cards Hetty!

Laura said...

I was especially touched by your gesture of "torn paper" in remembrance of the broken lives. Thank you for your art which somehow unites all in love and compassion.

KnitterPam said...

Sweet cards, Hetty. I love when we have the stamp with just the right sentiment.

Maxine D said...

What a wonderful tribute to France and her pain Hetty.

Daffodil Cards said...

Your creativity has certainly brought everything together, the sentiments are wonderful and the torn paper is just so very thoughtful. They are fabulous cards in this awful time for France and especially Nice.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Beautiful set of cards! Wonderful colour combo! I like the Eiffel Tower!

Karen Wyngaard said...

Such a lovely thought, Hetty. The world needs more love and beauty. Thanks for sharing yours with the world!