Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another calendar for 2014

Today I have another calendar idea for you.
I make theseas gifts for friends and colleagues.
You need a printed calendar (or buy one of these small calendars).
I googled a free printable calendar on internet for you
(save it to your computer and print it the size you need).
The note block is 2,5 "x 5".
Also you need a little notebook with pen (or a post it pad).
The notepad I used is 2,5 inch x 5 inch,

The cardstock you needto make this desktop calendar.
measueres one strip of  4"x 12" and one piece of 6"x 4".
I used Club Scrap Aspen papers.
Start with cutting the calendar in 12 pieces.
You can staple them together or use 2 bads 
on either side of the months.

Now take the longer strip and fold it in half.

On one half you make another fold at 3"and
fold this towards the inside.

The final construction looks like this,but before
you glue the front panel to the contruction
you decorate it with stamps and the calendar.

To hold the pen inside this calendar I used a piece of ribbon
and stapled it to the backside of the notebook.

If you want to decorate the inside too,dothis before
you glue the notebook to the card.
Here is the decorated front.
I used Michael Strong's number stamps and
Club Scrap Aspen stamps.
The sentiment is by Hero Arts.
Here a side view of the project.

And of course I did not make them all
the same. Here another one:

Hope I have given you some gift ideas.
May every day be a creative day!


Unknown said...

Love this project. You do have some great ideas for fun projects.

Beth said...

What a great, timely project. Thanks again, Hetty!

Unknown said...

Very timely!

Laura said...

What a cool calendar, Hetty!!! I don't know where you get all these creative ideas!!! Amazing to me!!! I'm so glad you are so generous in sharing them with us! THANKS!
Hugs, Laura t

Laura said...

Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas. I love this calendar idea (and the other one too!). We are so lucky that you have these online tutorials for us!!! Thanks so much! Hugs, Laura