Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday stripes: more washi tape ideas

Hello again, you washi tape lovers!

Today more ideas on how to use your tape.
This time we use again a die and tape.
Take 3 or 4 rolls of tape, Apiece of left over scrap paper
and cut it to the size of the panel you want to use for your
card. Don't use to heavy paper or you cannot cut through
all the layers. Today I use my Michael Strong tree die.
Cover aalof the panel with tape and glue the ends
to the back of the paper.
Mat the pannel (also use light weight paper) and 
glue this to your card.
Decide where you want to cut and use your die
cut machine. Don't forget to open the card when you cut!

Now inside the card you can stamp your wish to be
seen on the outside. The tree that was cut out can
be used on another card or can be used on the 
inside of the card.

Here another sample with a star cut out:
For the inside I used a subway art text by
Taylored Expressions on the inside of the card.
As the star is in the letter "O" I added a little
sticky gemstone.
Here you see the inside and I have asses some 
washi tape here too.

And I did make some other cards using
the washi tape and Michael Strongs fun
elephant stamps that I want to share with you too.

Well I hope you are into washi tape now too
and have lots of ideas. Tomorrow it
is scrappage time and let me think how to
use the tape ther. See you tomorrow!

Easy DIY washi tape holder
Have a creative day!


Diana Enns said...

You really have been having a great time with these Washi Tapes. Thanks for sharing all your tuts, etc.

Laura said...

OMGosh! Such cool ideas. Love the "cutout"on the front and then placing it on the inside!! Love the elephant Christmas cute and different!!! You have such good ideas that I would never think of in a million years. Thanks for telling us about them so we can try such fun techniques!!! hugs, Laura

Inge said...

Wat heb je weer enige kaarten gemaakt. Inspirerend ook, want nu wil ik de die van de kerstboom ook hebben. ;-)

Yvonne F. said...

Dat idee met dat kerstboompje is idd. helemaal te gek. Jammergenoeg ben ik al klaar met m'n kerstkaarten, maar sla dit idee op voor volgend jaar.