Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hanukkah decoration 1

Yoday I have been working on a Hanukkah wall decoration.
On Saturday we have a family gathering and I want 
to make something special. I will share in two parts what 
I am making. I started with painting a wooden slat
and 9 wooden pegs. When the paint was dry I glued the
pegs onto the slat. The middle peg a bit higher
then the others.

Next i took this punch to make the candles out of white
paper and I stamped the smalles element of Michael Strong's
paisley stamp with orange on yellow paper. 
On the candlesi used a little blue ink around the edges
before glueing them to the peg. From the paisley shape
I used only one complete one for the middle candle.
For all the others I cut out the middle part of the paisley
shape and glued themall to the candle.

To finish this i stamped the Happy Hanukkah (SU!)
four times and also glued these on the pegs.
The finishing touch are a few Jolee david stars 
that were still in my drawer. They make it all sparkle.
Ifyou click on the picture,you see a larger version and
you will notice the little metal eye ont the far left and 
right on the slat. This is to make it hang on the wall.

Here a close up.

Now it is hanging on my wall with streamers hanging
down from the pegs. On the streamers there will be some
more decorations, but that will have to wait  for another day.
Happy 3rd day of Hanukkah!
Have a creative day!


KT Fit Kitty said...

Your decoration is beautiful! I like how you made the flames! I am learning a lot about Hanukkah!

Robin said...

I really like your decoration, and I wish you and your lovely family a very Happy Hanukkah. And your 3 grandsons are absolutely adorable! You are are blessed grandmother!

Daffodil Cards said...

OH! this is so very pretty and very clever thought too.
It's been good to have a little prayer and a candle each evening, I will continue for the 8 days.

Laura said...

What a beautiful set of Hanukkah candles you have made, Hetty!!! I love your creativity and your ability to follow through and make such wonderful things! Love the photos too! The twins are getting so big!!! and Owen is a dear!! Thanks for sharing!