Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Passover decorations

Now Passover is getting so close,
I need something to decorate the table.
So I started with this potrose
and a very big glass jar.
The rose goes into the pot and now
on to decorting the jar.

I printed  some pieces of 
blue chevron lines landscape on 
lettersize paper.

If you like this too, here is the background I used.
Feel free to save this to your computer.

Then I printed a few sentiments ,that came with
the digi club of Create with TLC.

As I did not like it to be too clean and white,
I used a stencilfrom Club Scrap to make
this flower in the middle as a background.
First a green ribbon around the jar,before adding the 
sentiments. Why green:well,Passover is also a 
Spring Holiday.

For moredecorations,I stamped and embossed the 
matzah stamp from Ruth's Jewish stamps.
Then I cut them all out.

I created aboy and a girl out of the matzot,because 
I want to use them as name cards for the table. With the
grandchildren around the table I wanted to have something
that would catch their eyes.

So on the center piece it looks like this.

And the name cardsare not really cards.
I had the idea of adding the a water bottle to 
each plate and use these as the name card.

On one side you see the Pesach wish
(digi stamp from Create with TLC)

and on the other side the name of the person
who is sitting at that place at the table.

Depending on the gender on the person, it will 
be a male or female version.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your 
table. If your (grand)children are a bit older
then mine, you could make these fun decoration 
together with them.
When all is on the table,I will add another picture.

Thank you for looking.
Have a creative day!


Paulette Creates said...

Super clever~! Love it...and that boy and girl matzot are just too cute.


LUCYG said...

OK, I give up. LOVE the little matzoh boy & girl. Now I have to start a Jewish crafts & cooking board to go with all my Christian holiday pin boards. LOL

Daffodil Cards said...

WOW WOW WOW this is a wonderful table set, Love your girl and boy matzot. The rose in a large jar, perfect!

Laura said...

What a great way to use the rose plant as your table decoration! You did such a great job decorating the outside of the glass jar! Your girl and boy matzot name cards attached to the water bottles are just darling and so much fun!

Maxine D said...

Your table will be wonderful I am sure Hetty - stunning prijects, and thank you so much for the paper.