Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Apple Punch ideas


I have shared some ideas with my apple punch
with you, especially for the Jewish New Year.
We eat an apple with honey and wish each other
a very sweet year.

Here is another idea.
On top you see a card with a david star
(made out of two silver embossed triangles,
stamp by Michael Strong)
and some apples stringed together
with the coming Jewish year written on it.
Below you can see how I made the string of apples.

The papers for this card are by Paper Temptress.
For this you need:
an apple punch
some thin metal wire
beads of year choice
a prick pen
jewelery pincers

1. punch out two apples and glue them to another
piece of paper and cut it out with a border.
Take your prickpen and make 4 holes
left and right into the apple.

2. Take a piece of wire and tread it through the apples.
When you start with one apple and before going to the next
ad two or three beads.
Finish it of with a few beads on either side
and use the pinsers for some closure so the
beads won't fall of.
3. Add the number for the year and attach
it with some foam tape to the card.

Here another variation of a card with the apples.
I added an apple stamp by Zum Gali Gali.
(They have lots of wonderful jewish stamps!!)
Papers from my stash.

Have a creative day!


Juliet A said...

I love these projects, too! The little beads with the punchouts are so cool! I work with beads, but I've never used them like this. Thank you!

Tammy said...

Love your cards Hetty. Thanks for showing how you strung the apples.