Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Scrap Page: Surprise

Now I can tell you the wonderful news!
Owen is going to be a big brother!

One day the family arrived at our home
and showed us this notice:
Well I got it right away, Yael was pregnant.
This was such wonderful news.

Then she went to the midwife for her
first appointment and ultrasound.
Well, then they got their surprise.
Yael was not expecting one baby but two!!

OMG, they were in shock,could not believe it.
Yael called me right away:
Mama,I am going to have twins!!!

Here is the ultrasound and there is no way of denying it!

Before you start asking: yes,it runs in the family.
I am the eldest at home and my brother and sister
are twins. My mother was so surprised and she
loved seeing the picture, for in her time they did
not have this and she thought she was going to have
 one baby until the moment the 2nd one was born.

Here a close up. What will it be? 2 boys,2 girls
or a boy and a girl? That will have to wait another month
before they can see it. Owen is saying he is
getting a brother and a sister.Will he be right?!

The Club Scap Reunion papers finally arrived
and they were so right to make these pages.
to make these corners for the pictures.

The pages are inspired by the free ALSB
templates you can download from  the Club Scrap site here.

Have a creative day!


Julie said...

Oh my goodness Hetty, WOW that is an amazing surprise and a fantastic layout to go with it!!

Special Congrats to Owen!! Hugs!

Toni Hinchcliffe said...

Wow! Congratulations! My BFF is a twin AND she has a younger brother and sister that are twins and twin nieces. Tell Yael and Frank congrats too!

CraftyJo said...

Oh congratulations - to all of you! What a wonderful surprise. I wanted twins at one time - until I saw just how much hard work it is with only one ;)

MyAuntKat said...

This is so exciting. I cannot wait to see and read about the progress of the babies! And then all of the fun pages of them as they grow. Owen will be a great big brother!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful LO and story!! Congratulations to all of you!!

Sally Schoeck said...

Congratulations, Hetty! What wonderful news!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How exciting for you and your family! Twins are so much fun...... I had mine when I did not have another, so I did not know any better..... Love your scrap pages too.....! Congrats : )

Aimeslee said...

Happy New Year, Hetty! Beautiful layouts! Congratulations! What a wonderful way to welcome 2015. Blessings and good fortune to you! xoxo, Aimeslee

grammyklitch said...

Congratulations Grandma! This is very exciting and I know you will be very busy helping them. What a sweet blessing.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful & exciting way to start the New Year!! Congratulations and God's Blessings to all.
mary l.
PS. So glad I can get into FB.
Haven't been able to open my E-mail since before Christmas. Hope to get that remedied soon.

Donna Nuce said...

Hi Hetty! This paper was perfect for your daughters pregnancy announcement. Such great news and very cute pages! Have a great day.

mamablitger said...

Hetty what fabulous news. Wow... Thats exciting. Congrats to you and the rest of family. Owen will be so happy to have granma to return to when all the fuss about the twins peek.... Sure you'll be his safe heaven... Lol
All the best... Hugs from Monica

LUCYG said...

Congrats! Such exciting news. :)

Karen Wyngaard said...

Congrats to all!

Kay Williamson said...

Great pages Hetty, and so happy for you and your awesome family, congrats to all of you!

JoZart said...

Such wonderful news Hetty. Congratulations to them all and best wishes for a safe arrival of the twins.
I love the ultrasound of their "double decker" apartment!
Sorry that I won't be seeing you at Art specially. I don't demonstrate nowadays preferring to go back to my original qualifications in textiles.
You are always welcome to come to stay if ever you fancy a tip to our fabulous city of Liverpool, England.
Jo x

Tricia Morris said...

The page is beautiful, Hetty! This will be such a joy!

Susan Kapp said...

Congratulations, what wonderful news!
Mazel Tov to all.