Monday, July 30, 2007

CK Easy Patterns 3

Bij deze de laatste dubbele pagina van de uitdaging uit de CK. Hier zie je de lay out van pagina 56. Nu nog 2 kaarten maken van de restjes.
Here you see the last spread of the challenge from the CK. This is page 56. Now only to make two cards from the left over bits.

Dit is mijn pagina. Veel papier van Club Scrap gebruikt uit de doos van Simply Beautiful. Ik vond de pagina anders toch een beetje kaal.
This is my page. I used a lot of Simply Beautiful from Club Scrap. I thought the page was a bit empty otherwise.

1 comment:

Photocat said...

great job... I love that there is so much to see on the page. Little blocks all over, very creative!
You could put a lot of photographs on a page like that, or like you do, just varie...
Well done!