Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Wacky Wednesday at FCD

Yes, it is Christmas sale at FireCracker by Design and today it is: Let's Celebrate. Half price!
More inspiration can be found at Boni's blog and Karyn's Blog.
As I do not have all the sale sets, I do have some inspiration for you. I have used FCD digital Poinsettias and Michael Strongs pot stamp for this Christmas decoration, which you can also send as a card.
What do you need: some red cardstock 5,5  x 5,5 inch folded in half and a strip of 5,5 x 2,5 inch, folded in a W ( first in half and then both sides up again).

A plain circle and a scalloped one (I used my nestabillities, but you can also make them with your cricut or punches). The middle line of the silver circle is 3 inch.

Print and color the poinsettias (when you want to make them 3d, you need to print some extra's to cut out).
Stamp and emboss the pot stamp (I stamped on some green magaxine paper).

Some strips of paper for decoration ( green 5,5 x 2 inch and red dotted 5,5 x 1,75 inch) and a piece of ribbon if you want.

Take some double sided tape and tape it to the outside of the W-shaped strip. Take only the cover of one side off and glue it down and then do the other side. This will make it easier for you tomposition the strip.

Assemble and decorate the card as desired. You can use this on your table as name cards, but you also send it in an envelop as you Christmas cards.

(detail picture of the flower)


Ursula said...

WOW!!! Hetty, those poinsettias look completely real and amazing!! You always make my jaw drop with your gorgeous art! :o)

Bonibleaux Designs said...

Holy Schmoley!! This is GORGEOUS! I just love what you did with the pointsettia and all the little details just "pop"!!

kc_froglady said...

so pretty Hetty! Would be a gorgeous place setting at a table or for a holiday decoration on a mantle. Love it when the card is the gift also!

FireCracker082 said...

totally gorgeous Hetty!! WOW! love all the layering and colors are smashing!