Sunday, May 15, 2011

Koffie/ Coffee

Deze geweldige nieuwe stempelset
is van Michael Strong en heet:
Ik kan het bijhna niet geloven, dat er een
stempelset naar mij is genoemd, ik vind het een eer
en helemaal geweldig.
Gisteren lagen ze in de brievenbus en
natuurlijk moest ik er meteen mee aan het werk.
Samen met het Club Scrap Mocca Java papier
en deze stempels heb ik onderstaande
scrap papgina gemaakt.
De stempels zijn met wit geembossed
en ingekleurd met disstress inkt.

Above you see a new stampset
by Michael Strong and its name is:
I can hardly believe that there is a stampset
named after me. What an honour
and a great feeling.
The stamps arrived yesterday in my mailbox
an ofcourse I had to use them right
away for a scrap page.
In combination with Club Scrap's Mocca Java
paper and the new stamps, I made this page.
The stamps are embossed in white
and colored with distress inks.

 Have a creative day!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Hetty- what a perfect stamp set for you!!! I love the fabulous scrap page- what a delight to get up and enjoy nature before going to work!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic layout! I love the stamps you used...perfect for the layout and the pictures! Awesome creation!!

Capescrapper said...

You deserve it Hetty!! A wonderful honor for a truly creative and wonderful lady!

Deb C said...

I can't think of a nicer person to have a stamp set name after them! Wonderful creations & I look forward to seeing more!

Anonymous said...

Hetty I am so excited and thrilled for you. We all know your coffee addiction when it comes to craft. What a fitting acknowledgement!! Oh and the stamps are gorgeous!!

Photocat said...

You SO deserve this Hetty... After all the good things you do and say about Michael... He is lucky to have you as a friend. You both deserve each other. I can relate to how nice it must feel to have your own name stamp set! Go girl... Use it and Use it more! ;o)))

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Hetty! Love it and what an honor to be Michael's inspiration! Very fitting that a coffee set would be named after you - after all, you single-handedly started Mocha Java mania!


Patty said...

Michael can spot real talent when he sees it. Thanks for all your inspiration. I hope we can purchase these stamps soon, I already had a great layout awaiting!

Jan said...

Woo Hoo for you Hetty! Mike did a great always! We will all have fun with this one!!!

Evelyn S. said...

Oh, what an honor!! It's obvious that Michael appreciates the fabulous things you do with his stamps. Congratulations! (I'm glad part of this post was in English...I can pick out only a few words in Dutch!)

Anne Temple said...

Congrats Hetty! What a great thing - to have a stamp set named after you, not to mention that it's a gorgeous stamp set too!