Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tim Holts tag 8

 Here is tag #8 in the series od Tim Holtz 12 tags
for Christmas. You can see the original
and all the instructions on

This is my Chanukkah version,
that of course needs some explanation
on certain symbols I choose to use.

 The Hebrew sentiment saus Hag Sameach,
which means Happy Holiday.
The candles i used as embellishments with the
ribbon are two real little candles, that you usually
use on a birthday cake.
The candle holder - the chanukkiah - we use 
every night to add another candle.
In stead of the three men i used Tim's car, with the 8 
as a number on the the side of the car. The eight stands
for the 8 days that this holiday lasts. Every day we light one more
candle until all 8 candles burn. The middle candle (the 9th) is
the helper, this candle is used to light the others.

The sentiment that I used is by Create with TLC.

 Have a creative day!

3 comments: said...

this is so cool! love this oh my goodness I love it! thank you very much for sharing this.

Shar B said...

Lovin' how you steampunked Hannukah! Way to go!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

So cool Hetty! I love the candles up at the top...nice touch!