Friday, December 16, 2011

Tim Holtz tag 12

And so here is tag 12, the last of Tim's tags.
This was so much fun and so intense en 
learned so much new stuff! THANKS TIM!!
Now for the original and all the instructions you go
Tag #12 is absolutely one of my favourites. 
As you can see I even made two.
Boith are full with Hanukkah symbols.
On this first tag you see a little david star hanging
from the fibres, that i just found today in a 
shop with Christmas decorations. Isn't it cute!

The words on the house "Maoz Tzur" are from a song
that is sung with the candle blessings (more info here)
In the house I cut a window, for it is a custom
to light the candles in front of the window for
everyone to see. The photo is from a few years back:
it is my dad and my DD singing the blessings.
The candleholder is stamped with white on plastic
and glued to the window opening. The sentiment
stamp is by Zum Galli Gali stamps 
and means "Happy Holiday".

Tag 12-2 is a little more close to Tim's
original tag. Although I changes the word
and added shutters to the house to
imply a window.
I chose the word "bless" for here the man is lighting the candles 
and this goes with a blessing.
The flower is on top of the tag. See Tim's blog
on how to make the flower.
The worda on the house refer to the letters that
you see on the dreidel.
The picture of the man lighting the candles I grabbed from the internet.
The dreidel is a die from Quickutz.

Thanks again, Tim for 12 wonderful
and inspirational tags.
Have a creative day!


ursula Uphof said...

Hetty loved seeing your tags, and how you have changed them to fit in with your customs and traditions. Wishing you a Happy Hanukka. We will be spending Christmas in your country with our family, Have a wonderful weekend and many Blessings.

Laura said...

Hetty, I love your tags! You are so creative. Love how you personalized one with the photo of your dad and your daughter! Thanks for sharing your creativity!! hugs, Laura

okienurse said...

I love your tags! Great work and I love your using the Hebrew symbols in your tag making! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Terrific tags Hetty.