Sunday, May 20, 2012

No stampin and scapping

Hello everyone,

I have some sad news. I have brokken my
upper left arm yesterday and no I  cannot
stamp or scrap for a while.
 Here are some pictures from the hospital.
As my arm is broken just under the shoulder,
they cannot use plaster, but I have to keep my 
arm in a sling.

You may wonder what happened:
  I wanted to step of a boat and got tangled in the ropes.
Someone helped me off and this way my arm got twisted 
and I heard the snap of the bone breaking. 

Hopefully it will not take too long,
but in the meantime I will enjoy looking
at everyone elses artwork and
be inspired to write down my own ideas.

Have a creative day!


Carla said...

Hetty, ik hoop dat het snel geneest en dat je niet te veel pijn hebt. Doe het rustig aan , het stempelen komt vanzelf wel weer.

ursula Uphof said...

Oh Hetty...what bad luck for you. Just take care and get lots of inspiration for when your arm is better. Groetjes

jimlynn said...

OMGoodness Hetty!!! This is just awful. Hope you're not in too much pain....take it easy and my thoughts are with you.

Linda said...

Wat een pech, heel veel succes
groetjes Linda

tot dinsdag in het creacafe ;-)

Michelle said...

Hoi Hetty,
ik heb dat als kind gehad en was er 6 weken mee onder de pannen.
Ik hoop dat jij wat minder lang met je arm in de sling moet.
Beterschap hoor!!!
Groetjes Michelle

Monique Kools said...

Jeetje Hetty, wat een pech.
Heb je al enig idee hoelang je niet creatief met stempels bezig mag/kunt zijn?
Je zult de dagen wel tellen :-).
groetjes en beterschap, Monique

Monique Kools said...

Jeetje Hetty, wat een pech.
Hebben ze nog verteld hoelang het herstel zal gaan duren?
Je zult het creatief bezig zijn wel erg missen.
groetjes en beterschap, Monique

KnitterPam said...

Oh Hetty, I'm so sorry this happened! Why couldn't it be an ankle or something? :) Get well soon!

Jennifer said...

Oh My! Do take it easy. Hope you're not in too much pain!

Bearcrazyman said...

Ouch, Im so sorry. Heal Fast

Dymphie said...

oww Hetty, wat een pech en wat zul je een pijn hebben gehad. Doe rustig aan, zoiets heeft even tijd nodig.
Beterschap, groetjes, Dymphie

Mary's Museum said...

Hetty I am in the same boat as you. I have a broken upper arm and a new shoulder, have been in my sling for 5 weeks with 3 more to go. day and night. hang in there and heal quickly.

Deb S said...

Feel better - heal fast!

SiskiyouSue said...

So sorry, hope you'll heal quickly.

Shar B said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Big hugs!

Bea said...

Heel veel beterschap!!!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

oh my Hetty, my stampin' Sister!! I hope you are feeling stronger and stronger each day.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!
sending hugs from the USA. XXOO

Anne Temple said...

So sorry to hear that you've broken your arm. I pray that it heals quickly. At least you're smiling in the photos. Heal fast.

Sija said...

Heel veel sterkte Hetty! Wat is dit balen.

Marjie Kemper said...

I was so sorry to see this on FB, Hetty. I hope you are not too long in the sling and that you mend quickly.

Carla S. said...

So sorry to hear you broke your arm, Hetty! Hope it heals quickly! Take care of yourself! said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear about your mishap Hetty. And what a bummer that they can't cast it so you could do some actual "real" crafting. Take care of yourself! PS...I love your little smiley with a sling!