Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wisteria Box

Here another Club Scrap Wisteria post.
This time it is all about the box.
It is a jewelry box, but it is a present
and I filled it with goodies
(and Tricia you guessed right!)
In the drawer there are some gift pouhes for a
tea bag, a card and a recipe card.
And when you open the top, you see chocolate,
 stroopwafels, candy, tea bags and a little card.

On the inside of the lid there is a picture and a sentiment.

The little card with CS Infusion stamps.

Of course I have a tutorial for you to.
The teabag holder!
You need a piece of paper 6"x 6" .
If you click on the photo, you can see the measurements for
this folding template.

Fold the left point towards the middle.

Next the right point folding over the left.

Use the middle to fold the holder double
with the pockets inside.

The line next to the middle line is used to fold the pocket outwards
First one side and then the other side.

On the top point you hold these two together
and make a hole
for threading a ribbon.
In the pocket you ad the teabag on one side
and a little card with a wish on the other side.

This teabag holder is not my own idea.
There are many samples to be found on the internet.
Also some you tube videos, like this one HERE.
The pocket is decorated on one side with the Infusions
cup stamp on top of this cut shape.

On the other side there is the sentiment.

Hope you found it worthwhile to come back 
and thanks for looking.

Have a creative day!


Inge said...

Schitterend Hetty! Wat een werk heb je daarvan gehad. Maar het resultaat mag er dan ook zijn!!!

Kay Williamson said...

Oh Hetty, love this clever box and all its great contents!