Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Club ScrapLock & Key Blog Hop

Welcome to our monthly 
Blog Hop to share with you
the artwork you can make with the monthly kit.
This month the kit is called Lock & Key.

I hope you have  arrived here from Tricia's Blog
with  her inspirational creativity. If you lose your way
you can always go back to the 
with all the participants.
As I have been away this month to the US
for the Club Scrap Retreat in Wisconsin,
I did not have time to make some elaborate projects,
but with Club Scrap's beautiful paper
that is not a problem.
So I made this simple scrapbook page for
the weekly chronicles (as I have fallen behind).

With this page I do not follow any theme,
but week 42 is all about the being at the Retreat!

If you care to ad the text,
please click on thepicture for a larger version.

I did however come up with a little project.
This is inspired by something I noticed
in the Botanic Gardenshop that I visited
on my last day in Chicago.
It is a necklace made out of paper rolls.
I can do this, I thought and here is 
my result:
I took 5 pieces of paper 2,5 x 2,5 inch,
bookbinding glue,a foam brush and
a brush with a handle that is not to thick
toroll the paper around.

Next you take one square of paper. First roll it a few
 times around the handle of the brush you choose.
Add a little glue at the end and roll it tight and close.

Do this with all pieces of paper.
Take a needle or something sharp to 
make a hole through the middle
of all the paper beads (not to thin).

Take some wire, make a loop in the midde of the wire first
and thread it through the paper beads. I then glued
the beads together. You can decorate it with some extra glass beads.
I use also a piece of the lace that came with the kit fordecoration.
Constructed the wire around the beads and added a key
at the bottom of the pendant.

I used a piece of leather to hang it from.
It came out pretty neat and it is fun to wear too.
I just tie it around my neck with a bow.
(Click on the picture for more detail)

Next you will be wonderfully surprised
She always finds the cutes projects for you.

Hope to see you again for next month
blog hop when the Fire and Ice collection
is out and about.
Have fun hopping around!

Have a creative day!


Capescrapper said...

HETTY!! Your inspired piece of Jewelry is Magnificent, and you know how much I love jewelry!! Especially when it is made with our beloved Club Scrap papers! Wonderful job on your layout and such gorgeous photos of beautiful people :)

Karen Wyngaard said...

I love your scrapbook page. And your necklace! Another awesome wearable piece. I can't wait to give it a try!

Lisa Kay--Paper Artist said...

Oh, Hetty! I just love your necklace! What a great technique for those small pieces of CS paper that we just KNOW there is a use for. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Tricia Morris said...

My heavens--that is SO cool, Hetty! I want to drop everything and go make one, too! Out of every kit from 2013! I will be very cool in the Fire & Ice colors, too! Way to hit a home run on this idea, Hetty.

franny g. said...


Annette said...

What an original project and very well executed. thanks Hetty

Anonymous said...

Great idea on the necklace and I can see this being a go to gift for me, thanks so much!

Carolyn said...

Wow - that is really pretty, the touches you added are fantastic!

Farley said...

Terrific and gorgeous necklace Hetty. I will have to try this too.

Diana Enns said...

Awesome necklace. Looks like so much fun to make and wear. Your layout is another great one by you.

Heidi said...

WOW, just WOW! you are sooooo creative! I absolutely love this necklace you made. I had the good fortune to sit by you during one of the retreat classes and I know how creative you are!Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Awesome layout Hetty! The necklace is gorgeous!

Ink Stained Roni said...

Hetty ~ the layout is super but that necklace is the best! Very cool looking.

I hope you had a great time at the retreat!!

MyAuntKat said...

Hetty! So creative and what a great idea!

Deb C said...

Love the layout! It's fun to have a layout right away when you get home. The jewelry is so pretty, too. I just don't seem to think that way, so I am in awe of those who can make beautiful jewelry.

Dana said...

So great!

toukan said...

Brilliant idea. I love the necklace and will just have to make one for myself.

Toni Hinchcliffe said...

Hetty!!! This is fabulous! I had to create a new Pinterest board called "Jewelry" so I can remember to do this! Gorgeous!!!