Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Club Scrap Retreat project 2: Magnetic Board

Here we are back at the 
Club Scrap Retreat in Wisconsin.
Now I share with you the Magnetic Messenger class,
whchj was by Jacq. If you like the project,
you can find it here:

As you can see we were all very busy doing
this project, for if you want to finish it,
you just kept on working:
tearing and glueing, tearing and glueing.

It came with the metal, the paper and everything
else you needed to make this board. I love the bottle cap
magnets we made in the end to hold your messages.

Because this was so heavy in my suitcase
I gave it away as a present to the friend
I stayed the night before flying home. This way she 
had a memory of the retreat too (she unfortunately
could not come with us).

Have a creative day!

1 comment:

Kay Williamson said...

Oh so sad it was too heavy to put in your suitcase, but what a lucky friend! Looks like yours turned out perfectly...of course!