Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Club Scrap Bootcamp wk 5: stencils and Graffiti

Ho again for our stencil challenge at the

I took my Graffiti box out today
and started with a very bight page
and a pot of gesso.
With a credit card I smeared the gesso all over the page.
This softened the bright colors of the page.
But just a white page is no fun to use,so 
out came the dabbers!

And with Neon Yellow,Green and Orange
I randomly colored the complete page.

My idea is to cut up the page for notebooks 
and cards to use as backgrounds
With the Fizz stenciland the use of the
Graffiti un mounted stamps

I created these fronts of 2 oblong notebooks.

With the use of other stencils I made these
tree cards and the stripI have left will be
used tomorrow.

On this card i used the fizz stenciland the graffiti
stencil and one of the kits cut out sentiments.

This card used the graffiti stencil and
another one of the cut outs.

And I still had the Wisteria stencil on my table,
so why not use it with some punched out
flowers and a um sentiment stamp.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

Have a creative day!


Wendy Bellino said...

I found some gesso in the craft room last night. I thiught I would try it out tonight at's pajama party. I might just make an art journal page.

KnitterPam said...

These are really fun cards. I pulled out the Wisteria stencil this week too. Haven't used it yet. Now I am inspired!

Anonymous said...

Great are an inspiration!

Meme said...

I love the box you started with and then your art took off from there! WOW! Truly amazing work!
You inspired me to try something like this!