Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TJ Gelatos and Club Scrap Picnic

Hi there!
Still no pizza box,so more fun with my
 and another way of making
my background.
This time I used the Embossed Gelatos technique
to make the background from the
and Club Scrap Navajo and Circle papers to
make my card for today.

I noticed on the digital lay outs there was a pinwheel
image. I just had to make a real one. So I printed
out one of the papers in green. I a cut 2"x 2" piece
of paper to make a pinwheel. Here you see how I did that:
Because you also see the backside of the paper,
I colored it with gelatos (same colors as the
background) and stamped the Avant Garde stamp
in vintage photo distress ink.

Then I used my scoring bord to score a cross 
through the square.

Now you cut all 4 sides towards the middle
stopping half an inch before the centre.

I marked the places where you punch
or prick a hole.

To fisish the pinweel you need:
a button
a straw or toothpick
a piece of wax thread

Thread the wax thread from the back middle holes
towards the front. Now you fold the points towards the
middle and one by one you pull the thread through.

On the backside you add the straw /toothpick
before tying everything together. 
Here you see the finished pinwheel ready to
be used on the card.
This glass image is printed out twice and
the glass is cut out to make a 3d image
on the card and the ice cube is covered
with Rangers ice sparkled glitter glue.

The pinwheel is stuck into the 3d glass image
that is fastened with foam tape on the card.

Some left over pieces are used to decorate
the inside of the card.

Thank you for looking.
Have a creative day!


Diana Enns said...

Love it and thank you so muchfor the techs.....

Beth Norman said...

What a terrific card. I love your pinwheel. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Williamson said...

Adorable pinwheel to match the adorable card! Such a sweet idea!