Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Scrap Page: bye 2014

Here is the last page of 2014.

For this I used paper and stencil from 
Club Scrap Reunion kit and some acrylic paints.
Also did some extra papers for
future projects.
With a soft sponge brush I added the colors.
Keepthe paint light and let someof the paper see
through. Start with one colorin severalpages
and then add the next and the next.Three colors
is what I used: red, blue.light brown.
Here you see the page with the stencil
and all colors on it.

Here the stencilis lifted of.

Some of the paers I did and you will soon see
what I had in mind to do with them.
Yournalling done with the computer and
with the fonts that belong to the Club Scrap Reunion 
kit.You find the links to the fonts HERE.

For this border I used Michael Strongs Alphabet and number 
stamps.They are stamped in versamark and embossed in red.
When finished I added a touch of blue ink. Then all the ovals were 
cut out and with a punch I made 7 red ovals to add to the letters
and numbers.

Thank you for looking and see you next time.

Have a creative day!


CraftyJo said...

Lovely Hetty, I always forget about my stencils and using them that way - plus it's a great way to match your paper to your theme if you don't have quite the right one to hand (or if you've some horrid colours from a pack which you'd never normally use!!).

Toni Hinchcliffe said...

Absolutely fabulous, Hetty!

Wendy Bellino said...

I never think to use paints with my stencils! I like this look. Thanks for sharing! I ♥ Poffertjes! My Aunt and Uncle lived in the Netherlands for 30 years and would always bring back presents and goodies. I was introduced to them when I got to visit when I was in high school in 1986. I need to scrapbook that trip!

Laura said...

The Oliebollen and appelflappen look SO DELICIOUS!! And little Owen seems to be thoroughly enjoying them! The scrap layout is so sweet with these photos. Love how you used the big stencil and paint for the background. Thanks for the tutorial! Hugs, Laura