Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop: 50s Kitchen

Welcome to the Club Scrap March Blog Hop
with the 50s Kitchen kit.
Hope you arrived here from 
and seen her wonderful ideas.
Here is my project. I have come up with a recipe wreath.
And this is how I made it:
First I started with making the circle out of
part of a pizza box.I used the size of a dinner plate.

and a bowl for the inner circle.
Cut out the circle with a scissor.
Then I took a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper from the kit
and stamped a large stamp in the different colors from the kit:
ash, carnation,ocean and sandstone.

This is the result. Again i put the dinner plate on top,
and traced it to cut out a circle.

Around the circle I added red and blue ink.

Glue the paper to the circle and turn it over.
You see my drawing inside the smaller circle
to make a nice cut before glueing it.

After glueing it looks likethis.

I stapled the ribbon to the circle with 2 staples.
You won't see them anymore after glueing the pegs on top.

I used 15 pegs on the circle. From one of the decorated
papers I cut strips to cover the pegs. Alsoadded some ink
after the strips were glued.

I devided the pegs evenly around the background 
and used Club Scrap bookbinding glue to add
tese pegs to the circle.
I found an old black and white picture of me in
my parents kitchen en used this to decorate the 
inner circle of the wreath in combination with 
some unmounted stamps that come with this kit.

Here you see a close up of the recipe cards.
These are 6 x 3 inch and folded in half making a 3 x 3 inch
card. This way there is more room to write also inside the card.
As I just made it,I haven't added any recipes yet.

I gave it a place on the wall of my kitchen and
for sure will add some of my favourite recipes.
This way they are easy to find.

Now on to more ideas of this wonderful 50s Kitchen kit.
The next blog is
and I am curious what she will have for you.

I fyou happen to loose your way in this blog hop,
you can always go back to the 
,where you find all the 23  participants.
A lot of inspiration!!

Thank you for looking.

Have a creative day!


Annette said...

Sheer genius. this is such an awesome project Hetty - you have outdone yourself.

Ink Stained Roni said...

What fun! I love that it's a wreath - I can easily see this holding all my favorite recipes! TFS :)

Tricia Morris said...

Hetty, that is adorable! You could play "recipe roulette" and randomly choose your dinner plans for the week. And I love the photo of you in your mom's kitchen. :) Great job on this sweet project!

Wendy Bellino said...

I LOVE THIS! It looks so cute hanging in your kitchen. Pinning, Pinning, Pinning!

Queen of Dishing said...

Very cute, this would also be a perfect way to display photos, so you could swap them out as you wanted to!

Donna Nuce said...

Hi Hetty! Love the recipe card idea. Sweet picture of you too! I am sure you daughter will treasure those recipes someday! Have a great day!

Lisa Kay--Paper Artist said...

Wow, Hetty, this is GREAT!! What a fun kitchen decoration that is practical, too! Thanks for sharing all the steps on how to make this project.

Rettaescape said...

Wow,Hetty! This is such a fun idea!

JeniRuth J said...

what a wonderful job! I love that you are able to use it too. too often projects are made and then sit and gather dust. LOVE it in you kitchen!

Karen Wyngaard said...

This is an adorable project and such a clever way to store and display favorite recipes. TFS!

crzymom said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love how it looks on your wall too Hetty! It will be so easy to find your favorite recipes.

Debby H said...

The display is a unique idea that turned out beautifully. This would be a fun with a clock in the center, too. Oh the ideas! TFS.

Lisa D said...

How fun is this menu wheel! I just might have to copy this wonderful idea!

Jill P said...

what a cute project!

Carolyn said...

Great idea, Hetty!!

Kay Williamson said...

Wow Hetty, another really clever project, this is really cool and love seeing it hang in the kitchen! Lovely always!

Sheila said...

Quite the clever project! Kudos to you! Very eyecataching and useful!

MyAuntKat said...

This is so cute and what a great gift this would be for a wedding shower!

Diana Enns said...

Another fun project. Wish I had your mind ;). You know how to come up with this fun ideas and then how to put it together.