Friday, September 4, 2015

Cards in progress

The Jewish New Year is around the corner:
14/15 September
To learn more about the symbols of the
Jewish New Year you can read about it HERE.

so I am quite late with my cards.In need of some
quick cards and this is what I came up with:

I choose to use the pomegranete for my cards,but did not
have a stamp of this fruit. So I drew one on paper,
cut it out and took some foam plate to cut out the stamp.
On the back I smeared some Club Scrap mount-it solution.
This is a solution that you add on the back of unmounted 
rubber stamps to make them stick to an acrylic block.
While the solution was drying,I took the front panel of the card
at hand for decoration.

With the honecomb stencilof Club Scrap and a topaz
inkpad and a blending tool, I colored the background for this card.

On top in Hebrew a new year wih. It is "Shanah Tovah",
which means "a Good Year".
Now I used my foam stamp to make a border of
pomegranates on the bottom of the card.
I used Club Scrap ruby inkpad to stamp.

For the finished card I used papers from the kit
Dungarees and Mountains by Club Scrap.
On this card I also used the gemstones that came with
the Woven Strands kit. This symbolizes all the
pips inside the fruit.

Here i decorated the card with a ribbon around
the pomegranetes.

Thanks for looking!
More soon to follow.

Have a creative day!


Wendy's Mhaaksels said...

I love reading about the Jewish symbols and habbits. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful cards! Wishing you and your family a wonderful celebration and a happy new year.
Greetings, Wendy

Ruby Wilkes said...

Very nice cards Hetty, one day I'm going to try making a stamp. My mother was a housekeeper for a Rabbi and his wife for many years when I was growing up so I'm familiar with a lot of the traditions. I however was not familiar with the Pomegranate, that was very interesting to lean. - Thank you

Becca Cruger said...

How cool is this?! Very inventive of you to make your own stamp like this. Awesome that you did it to celebrate something that means so much to you!

Beth Norman said...

Now if that isn't creative I don't now what is. You are very talented with your ideas. I love your background too.