Tuesday, September 8, 2015

more cards for Rosh Hashanah

I just keep going making cards for the 
Jewish New Year with my new made stamp.
You can read all about how I  made the pomegranete stamp
out of a plate of foam HERE.
I also had this other honeycomb stencil, that 
 This set is also perfect for the occasion, not only
because of the stencil,but also to make use of the 
bee stamp. Bees work very hard to make the wonderful
honey that we pour over the apples,or dip the bread in.
So first I colored the background with the stencil.
Then i added the sentiment on top.
The Hebrew "Shanah Tovah" means a a Good Year,
like we say Happy New Year.

Then I added the pomegranates and some bling for the pips.

And last I added the bees with a little yellow coloring
and glitterglue on the wings.
Because of the drying time of the glitter I added the bees last.

I nearly finished all my cards,
one more post tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!
Have a creative day!

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