Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday scrap page: Exhibition

Hap[py Sunday!
Here we had a very busy weekend. In my home town there was 
an art route. These are locations around town that are open
and show all kinds of different art works. Our Clubhouse
from the boatclub was part of this event. My husband and I 
were busy with this from Friday until today.

We had two femaile painters whos showed their work.
We had a lot of visitors this weekend, nearly 400!

For this page I used a
and Club Scrap papers.

So here you see some of the paintings that were hanging there.
for the paintings. I stamped with versamark
on the dark purple paper and embossed the frames in gold.

For the painting I used the complete frames,
but I also used part of the frames for decoration
on the pictures.

Here you see a class of children coming to listen to the artist
telling them how she works. Next you see some of the exhibition
and on the last picture you see the many people who came.
It was a great sunny weekend and very satisfying to see so
many people coming to the Clubhouse.

Thank yopu very much for looking.
Have a creative day.


Laura said...

What fun to be a part of the Art exhibition at the boat clubhouse! Your scrap page is beautiful and a wonderful reminder of this special occasion! Thanks so much for sharing!

Maxine D said...

This is a wonderful reminder of what must have been a busy but worthwhile weekend Hetty.

Sabrina said...

That must have been so interesting! I loved the paintings of the swans (we have a lot around here, I love watching them), and the way you hav framed them with the cloisonne stamp is just super.

Thanks for the tip and link on the Tim Holtz spray bottle. I'll be looking out for it!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh what a fun event, Hetty! I love how you make these scrap pages - such a great way to remember the weekend's activities!