Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday scrap page: Apples

Here is my weekly scrap page.
As you know I have celebrated the Jewish New Year.
I told you about the custom of dipping the apples in honey
for wishing each other a sweet year. So at the dinner table
we also have home made apple sauce. My grandson  helped
me this year with the preparations. He pealed the apples
and stirred in the sauce pan. He also helped me with the special
bread we have on the table. On the shabbat we have the braided
bread, but on the New Year we have it breaded and round.
For the end of the new year and the beginning of another. 
The two of us had lots of fun in the kitchen.

This page is made with:
Club Scrap Garden Shed digital and real papers
Michael Strong digital apple stamp
honeycomb stencils
Here you see happy kneeding of the dough
and the end result of the round challah.

What i love about digital stamps is that you can make 
them each size you need. The digital apple is a 
Behind the photo's you see I decorated the paper
with two sizes of honeycomb stencils and fossilized
amber distress ink.
Yes, he is doing a great job!
Left peeling the apples and on the right 
sprinkling poppy seed on the bread.
Here you see a hebrew text on a card for the
new year that sais: Shanah Tovah, meaning
wishing you a good year. The apple tree is
a digital image from Club Scrap in combination
with Michael Strong tiny apples.

Thank you for looking
and have a creative day!


Laura said...

What fun!! HOw wonderful that your grandson is such a good helper!! What wonderful memories he will have with his Oma!!! I wish I could taste the home made appplesauce and the bread!! Wonderful scrap page! Thanks for sharing!

Maxine D said...

What a wonderful time you must have had with your grandson Hetty - a lovely page! I so enjoy you sharing your faith and traditions

Team Clark said...

This is such a gorgeous and sweet LO! Hugs, Autumn

Sabrina said...

Ah, I wondered when you wrote about the bread at the start of your post if it was challah. My mother used to sometimes make it; when she lived in Canada, she had a lot of Jewish friends and had learned some of their recipes. Homemade applesauce too - yum yum.
That little apple-tree stamp is so sweet! It reminds me of an old English nursery poem, you probably wouldn't have it in Dutch. It starts "I had a little nut tree and nothing would it bear, But a silver nutmeg and a golden pear,...". I know neither of those are apples, but your little tree just brought it to mind.