Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Owen!

Today my eldest grandson will be 5 years old.
It is like yesterday when he made me a grandma
and I enjoy every day that he is with us. We play, we
cook, we craft,  we read, we ipad and have sleep-overs.
He is a wonderful person to be with and has the greatest ideas.
May he grow,play, love and share it with us all.
We love you lots!

My grandson has a Pokémon Birthday Party, so 
I wanted to make him a Pokéman card for his birthday.
I was inspired by a video I found on pinterest:

So if you want to create one too, just follow the instructions
of the video tutorial.

Here the inside of the card.

Thank you for looking
and have a creative day!


Wendy Bellino said...

Sooooo sweet Hetty! Owen is lucky to have such a fun Oma to teach him all of these things. My grandparents did the same with us and I cherish every moment I had with them. Happy Birthday to Owen!

Tina Z. said...

oo, happy birthday, he is so cute, great photos!
and I love your card, so clever!

mamablitger said...

Hello Hetty. Happy birthday to Owen. And congrats to you with the 5 years anniversary being the loveliest grandma. What a lucky boy he is having grandparents like you and Raymond.
And what a cute card you made for him. You are always so creative and make lovely art. Thank you for sharing.
Sending hugs to both of you... Monica

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful birthday card Hetty - I am sure Owen will love it. Isn't it wonderful to have the grandchildren living nearby and to be able to share their lives.