Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Passover!

Tonight is the start of the Jewish holiday Passover (for information
click HERE) and here you see a picture of some of the
ingredients for my cooking. All of the family will arrive tonight
and we will have a special meal called SEDER.
There are special food regulations and one thing is for a week 
we do not eat normal bread, but matzo (unleavened bread).
So it infolves quite a lot of preparations.

Of course I want to decorate the table 
and making some cards and name cards.

This card is made witha stamp from Zum Gali Gali
and shows a seder plate. On top and bottom
you see the pattern of matzo that i printed on copy paper.

Here is the small table card (3,5x 2,25 inch).
The sentiment is Stampin'Up! 

For the cards I made cute little envelops
from matzo paper with the envelope punchboard.
For this little envelope you need a piece of 5 x 5 inch .

I also made these flower wrapping to give
when everyone leaves.

Happy Passover to you all!


Maxine D said...

I do hope you enjoyed your Seder meal Hetty - what a special festival to celebrate with family. I know I enjoyed my first experience of one, and listening to all the Messianic prophecies contained in the ceremony.
Passover blessings to you

Laura said...

Hoping you and your family had a beautiful time together at your Seder. Your cards and the matzo print envelopes that you made are so pretty! Love how you decorated the wrapping for the flowers gifts and what a beautiful layout. Cool how you have daffodils in the paper AND in real life!Thanks for sharing!