Friday, April 27, 2018

Kingday 2018

Today is a special day in The Netherlands.
It is the Kings birthday and it means lots of
festivities everywhere. We dress up in orange,
because the King is of The House of Orange
and vsit the local flee market. Lots of people
(mostly children) put down a blanket in our towns
main streed and sell their toys and clothes 
they have grown out off. For a nickel and a dime
goods change hands. Owen had a field day finding 
new toys.
Even google has addapted the doodle on top
of their search box.

So we left in the morning when it was sunny
and an agreable temperature. We had a great time.
Now that I am writing my blog, temperature
has dropped and it is raining outside :-(

At least there was time enough to make some lovely pictures
to make this digital scrap page with the Club Scrap
Shibori Hybrid kit.
Meet our King Willem-Alexander 
and his Queen Maxima.

Thank you for looking
and have a creative day!


Daffodil Cards said...

I think having a King Day is just wonderful, perhaps we should adopt the same idea here in the UK. Wonderful photos of the boys in their orange, and a lovely photo of the King and Queen.

Laura said...

Sweet layout celebrating King day! I Love the photos you took and how you have included so many in the layout!!! I wish I had your creative eye for making scrap pages!!! I would like to make some for my girls, but I'm always putting it off!