Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bistro enBorduren/ Bistro and Embroidery

Vandaag heb ik gestempeld en geborduurd. Borduren met stickers. Ik had ze al lang in huis maar steeds niets mee gedaan.
Today I stamped and embroidered. Embroidery with stickers. I have had them for ages, but never used them.
Deze stickers zijn er in allerlei vormen: lijnen, hoeken, hartjes, hoeden, tasjes, jurken.
These stickers are in all kinds of shapes:lines, corners, hearts, hats, purses, dresses.
Je neemt een sticker naar keuze en plakt deze op je papier. Dan prik je met een prikpen de verschillende gaatjes en ben je klaar om te borduren. Je kunt met allerlei steken borduren.
Take a sticker of your choice and stick it to your paper. Than with a prickpen you punch the holes and you are ready to embroider. You can use all kinds of different stitches.
Hier heb ik een diagram getekend voor het borduren van het tasje zoals ik dat heb gedaan. Maar er zijn natuurlijk allerlei andere mogenlijheden.
Below I have drawn a diagram on how I did the stitches for the purse. Of course there are other possibilities.

Hier zie je hoe het tasje af is. Je kunt er eventueel nog een bloemetje boven op maken als versiering bij de gesp.
Here you see the finished purse. You can add a little flower on the clasp if you want.

En dan de uiteindelijke kaart. Papier van Club Scrap "Bistro" evenals de stempels.
Binnen in heb ik de felicitatie nog met een geborduurd pennetje versierd.
And here the result. All paper and stamps are from the Bistro Club Scrap kit.
Inside I added a little embroidered pen with the saying.


Anonymous said...

I am new to Club Stamp and I am breathless. Your cards are awesome. I have put you in my Favorites I DON'T want to loose your URL. I thought I was a reasonably experiences stamper but I have soooo much to learn.

Danville, Illinois

Anonymous said...

I love your cards. I am new to Club Stamp. WOW !! I got my kit yesterday. I an hardly wait to get started.


marciad said...

That little purse is adorable. Lovely card. I check your blog everyday and it's so much fun and creative.

Yael (Hetty's daughter) said...

Hi Mum,

Nice going! I love the handbag!
You're cards are phenomal, as usual ;-)

See you soon!


Lynn said...

Hetty, what a GREAT job, I really wish I was going to retreat in sept to meet you but we will be just getting back from a cruise and my mom is having surgery on that wednesday. I did recieved your Thank you card and LOVE IT!! I am a proud owner of a Hetty card!!! I am going to post it on the boards but have been CRAZY busy. Take care, Blessings to you and have a great day.

Lynn Kirn

Linda Loe said...

ziet er prachtig uit zeg die tasjes. mooooiiii

My World * My Art * My Life said...

Hetty Beautiful cards - books - everything you make is just absolutely beautiful.
Sandra Marek

Bonnie Brounce-Chretien said...

Hi Hetty,

I love the stitch work you've done on the Blonde Moments stickers. They look great on the Bistro papers too!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

You are so clever and the little purse is too cute! Did you use embroidary floss or something else?
Pat Ford