Thursday, March 14, 2013

Club Scrap PSL wk5: Embellishments

 This week at Club Scraps
Pro Scrapbook League it is all about
and of course I have something to share with you..
How about using these twisties
from the Friendship kit
(April 2004)
that I still had lying around
and never used.
Take 4 twisties
and also you need
2 circle punches (one larger then the other)
prick pen
wav thread
Fold the twistie from both sides towards the middle.

Do this with all 4 twisties.

Now take a piece of wax thread,
about 16 inch.

Now we are going to arrange the twisties on top
of each other like on the drawing.

You have to hold it in your hand.

Take the wax tread and use it to fasten all the twisties
together. Go from one side of the flower towards the
other side widing twice and go to the next petal.

When all is done you have two pieces of thread.

Now you punch two circles.

Put the circles on top of each other
and prick two holes. It will look like a button.

 Thread the wax thread trough the holes
and make a bow on top of the flower.
Now you have a ready flower to
embellish on your card.
Glue dots are great to fasten the flower
to the card.

Have a creative day!


Kay Williamson said...

Way cute Hetty! Looks like you are enjoying week 5 of the PSL!!

Rachelle said...

great idea Hetty! I think I have several sheets of those twisties.

Laura said...

Your cards are beautiful! Love how you made those flowers. My friend has a roll of paper/fiber like "ribbon" that would be perfect for this kind of flower. THANKS SO MUCH for the tutorial!!! Great idea making faux buttons on top!