Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Scrap Page: SYTYCD

This week for 
the theme is "What a character"
and the page is all about Liam today.

He is the brother of my DD's husband (get it?!).
He is a dancer and this year he decided it was time
to audition for So You Think You Can Dance.
And yes he was chosen!
The gave him a golden ticket, so he could
go to bootcamp in Spain.There he learned
to dance the flamingo. Out of all the couples,
he was chosen for the live show! 

Now everyone prepared to go to the show.
T-shirts were made and lots of messages on
facebook and twitter. Wonderful time for
the family.
Liam lasted 4 shows. Every time the family was there to support
and cheer him and make pictures.
With some of these pictures I made this page.
I used Club Scrap Peacock papers and 
Michael Strong's cloisonné alphabet stamps.
If you want to read the text,just clickon the
photo and you get a larger version.

The streamer on the side is wrist band they
got in the television studio. I wanted to use it on
the page as decoration.

On the left you see Liam's flyers for the show
and on the right a collage of pictures Yael made
for facebook.

This picture was made in the studio. Two big supporters!
They were there all the way. To the family Liam is
a winner anyway. Now we follow the show and
see  who is the big winner in the end. 
A few more shows to go. What an experience this was.

Have a creative day!


Capescrapper said...

What an exciting time for Liam and your family!

Firenze said...

Oh Hetty what an incredible journey you've chronicled for the family! Thank you for sharing it with us, and well done LIAM!
Helen -- Firenze Cards