Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Journal52-8: Found Poetry

I am a little behind, so today I have week 8
ready with this promt:
"Found Poetry"

I had something different at first,but
I did not like it at all,so I tookmy foam brush
and painted the page again to start something new.

Looked trough some magazines and
came up with tese words and suddenly
new this was going to be allright.

I glued all the words to the page and noticed
I wanted a few extra words: & see.
So for these I used some stickers.
After a little doodling with a black pen, I stamped 
the eye on the page twice with black archival ink.
Took some gessoand a lid of a jar tomake
these circles around the eyes.

Then with the tip of a pencil dipped into the gesso 
some dots around the circles and on the page.

Here the finished eyes. If you click
on the photo you see an even larger picture.
And so this has become the finished page.
In the bottom right corner you see I drew a small camera
with P365 inside. For when I finished the words this made me 
think of the P(hoto)365 I do for a few years allready.
This means making a picure every day and  you 
actually look different and all your daily doings.

Thanks for looking!

Have a creative day!

1 comment:

Meme said...

Love this page!
The little camera in the corner is fabulous!
Thanks for sharing!