Friday, August 22, 2014

Spool Card

This week iI am having so much fun
with my envelop punch board.
Today I made aproject with Club Scrap
papers and stamps,but I also have some 
Stampin'Up! projects over at my other blog HERE.

I share with you how I made this card:
You need:
1 piece of paper 4"x 11 (fold in half) from CS Dungerees
envelop punch board
Put the card (double) underneath the punch
and use the 3/8 mark and punch.

Flip the card and punch again at the 3/8 mark.
Do this also at the bottom of the card.
Take a ruler and craft knife to cut the  middle
part offon both sides of the card.
The card now looks like this:
You can start decorating however you like.

I covered the spool card with post it paper on top
and bottom before covering the card
with one of the Club Scrap  latest
stencils.I used blue ink and a blending tool to
color inside the stencil.

When finished coloring, I took my CS Ivory Elegance
stamp and stamped,with the same blue ink,
on top of the stencil.

When taken away the post it papers
the card looks like this. Just like there
are ribbons around the card.
As I have told you in my previous post,
I amtrying to sell of some of my stamps,
but this set of CS 2004 Textiles & Notions
is definitely one that stays!
You can findmy stampson sale HERE. 
And this is the finished card with some
extra embellishments from the CS Dungerees kit.

Hope you like the extra idea for using
your evelop punch board.

Thanks for looking and
have a creative day!


Donna Nuce said...

So cute Hetty! Love it!

Laura said...

I visited this post from your link in your Feb. 24, 2016 post! I just had to tell you that I love your spool card and appreciate your tutorial!!! I can't wait to use my envelope punch board to make my own spool card!!! THanks so much!