Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gift Card

This week I received  a *NEW* stamp set
It consists of one large stamp
and 3 little ones in art deco style.

My first project with these stamps is
a gift card idea. I share with you how
I made the card.
You can hardly see the giftcard, 
but you will when I have explained it.
Let's start with the background:
I started with the tringle stamp.
I embossed this on a white paper with white embossing
powder. This will work as a resist.
Here the finished white panel.

Now sprinkle some brown bistre
powder on top of the white panel.

Spritz some water on top of the 
bistre powder and you see the
color run over the paper.
Yake a paper towel to dab the color all
over the panel.

Here you see the finished background panel.

Next i stamped the large stamp on dark yellow paper
and embossed it with copper embossing powder.

I cut out the stamped image and took a 
Starbuck gift card to measure the size.

With some foam tape on the background of 
the large stamped image I created a pocket for the gift card.

Now I stamped the small round stamps and embossed them
in white and punched themout with a 1 inch circle punch.
This way you get the inbside cirle. I added themwith foam
tape to the larger stamp image.

Here you see again the finished card and
where the gift card is situated.

Thank you for looking!

Have a creative day!


MyAuntKat said...

Beautiful Hetty.

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! Love that new stamp set -- so different yet still so Mike!


April Puzzuoli said...

Great use of color! Thanks for showing your use of blister. I tend to use too much or too little water.

vinita jain said...

Great work Hetty!
Having a beautiful day!

Faith A said...

What a beautiful and VERY creative card. Love the idea of the gift card being given like this and your tutorial makes it look so easy.

Gerrina said...

Wat een gave stempelset! Doet me een beetje aan Art Deco denken; daar hou ik wel van... Mooie kaarten heb je er weer nee gemaakt! Fijne zondag verder!

Jerrie said...

I LOVE this card you made with this stamp set! It is fab!!