Saturday, May 5, 2018

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!

Today is not only International Scrapbooking Day
with special challenges over at the Club Scrap Chat
on Facebook, but also a very special day in The Netherlands.
Yesterday it was Remembrance Day. We think about the Holocaust
and at 8 o'clock in the evening there are ceremonies all over the
country with two minutes of silence.

We held this ceremony here in Aalsmeer and my daughter
was with a group of runners who went to Wageningen, where the
peace treaty was signed in in Hotel "De Wereld" on May 5th.
At midnight they received the Freedom Flame and with a 
relay race all through the night, they brought the flame to Aalsmeer.

So on May 5 we celebrate the freedom and it started off with
lightning the Freedom Flame brought by these runners.
Proud of my daughter for doing this.

For my digital scrapbook pages I used

Thank you for looking
and have a creative day!


Robin said...

Thank you not only for showing us your lovely scrapbook page, but also for telling us about the May 4th Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. I think this sounds like a very special way of remembering the victims of the Holocaust. Though I'm not Jewish, many of my friends are, and I think it's very important to honor the memories of all of those who suffered so much. I also like the fact that the observance ends on a happy note, showing that evil can be defeated.
Blessings to you and your lovely family.

Maxine D said...

Thank you for sharing this tradition that you have in the Netherlands - so important to remember and learn from the past. You have made a great page with the images of your daughter as well as those from the ceremonies

Laura said...

Oh how wonderful that your daughter participated in the Freedom Flame relay race! ...and that your country has two minute of silence each year for the memory of all those who perished. Your scrap layout is also a nice way for your family to remember participation in the memorial! Thanks so much for sharing your art to commemorate this day.