Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jewish Stamp Card Challenge

I am making lots of Jewish cards. But I love to be challenge. Until now I haven't found a jewish challange. So I challenge you to make a Jewish card. Here are the rules:
1. Any Jewish theme is ok
2. Card should have at least one stamping image
3. Card should be 2 layers ore more
4. There should be an embelishment: flower, button, ribbon, charm etc.
5. Print or stamp an original saying, text, quote or wish
6. Post the card on your blog, picture trail or email it to me,
so I will post it for you.

This challenge has finished.


Anonymous said...

I am currently making my Rosh Hashanna cards. A Judaica blogger asked if she could post it on her blog. All the artwork she shows is professionally done. Talk about pressure here. I hope I can meet the challenge. Love your card.

Photocat said...

I will try... grin

Love the new banner! Wonderfully done.
Keep up the good works.

lauren bergold said...

ok...i've's got *hebrew* in it, anyway! and i'm pretty sure no one else will have made one like it! :)

Anonymous said...

This is just one of 15 other cards. You've inspired me to make all my new year cards according to the criteria in the challenge.
Thanks for the great idea!

Shayla said...

We just moved, and I'm unpacking my stamps now - hopefully I can make something new for this challenge by Sept 1, but for now - here's my current links.. I hope it at least helps for some inspiration to someone...