Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Club Scrap Technique for Febuary

 For Febuary I chose the Faux Postage technique.
Great for Valentine cards, but you can use it on
any other card too. It is an old and loved
technique and there are many tutorials out there.
Here is mine:

besides stamps, ink
and your favourite color material
you need:
a faux postage template
(click on mine and save to your pc)
or make your own in word
cutting knife,
transparent paper
(click and save to your computer)
Resize it to how you want to use it.
You can use one or more
stamps for your card.

 Place transparen paper on top of the
stamp template and mark with a pencil 
how many stamps you want to use
and cut out these windows.

Put your stamplate underneath the windows.
It is handy to fasten this with masking tape
or celotape to keep it from moving around.
You can stamp with any color ink.
I stamp with black, because I want to color
it when finished.You do not have to
stamp within the wondow. The transparent paper
will make sure you only see the stamped images
inside the stamp lines.
 With a sponge and some light brown ink
the stamps are colored around the images.
Then I take my copic markers and color the images.
 This is how the stamps now look, when you take them
from underneathe your template. You can add a postage number
if you want or other postage items.
If you have a postage scissor, you can cut around the stamps
to make them even look more real. I also added some ink around the 
border with a sponge. Now you are ready to use the stamps for your card.

Stamps I have used
are all by Club Scrap
Let me count the way 2006
  Fizz 2007
Valentine's 2008
Paper Club Scrap Navajo January 2012

Have a creative day!


Tricia Morris said...

Great technique, Hetty! The new "Love Blooms" kit will offer some fun options this month, as well! Yay!

Myriame said...

Prachtige kaart Hetty!!
Bedankt voor de postage template zal ik binnenkort ook even uitproberen.

Unknown said...

Great technique and thanks for the tutorial -

Crafty Mamma Mia said...

Hi Hetty - was looking through your blog for a card I knew had been on the Create with TLC blog, and then found this tutorial. What a great technique and easy to follow tutorial! Will be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing. Helen x