Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Club Scrap Blog Hop: Fire&Ice for Hanukkah

Here we are with our monthly
Club Scrap Blog Hop.
for the Fire & Ice kit:

For all participants you can always look
but you just might have come here
after seeing Tricia's wonderful project.

At the Club Scrap Retreat the
envelope punch board waiting for me
to take home,so I just have to share something
with this wonderful tool with you.
Not only it makes great envelopes in any size you wish,
it also creates wonderful tabs for file folders
and this is what I have come up with for my scrap book
page, that I want to share with you today.
No pictures? Yes,sorry, they have to be made 
for tonight the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah
starts with lighting the first candle. I will share
these pages again for sure with pictures!

But in my file folder I have already some Hanukkah recipes
(you can also use this for hidden journaling or
adding some extra pictures)
 and here is how it is made:

Start with a piece of cardstock 5,5 x 9,5 inch
(click on the picture for larger image)
On this template you see were to score the lines for folding
and which part you will cut away (green lines).

After you have prepared your cardstock like this you
will make the tab on the top with your envelope punch board:
Put the cardstock inside the punch on the left side 
for your firt cut.
Move your paper towards the left ( I stoped at 2 1/4)
and punched again. Now it looks like this.
Take a ruler and craft knife to cut away the right side
 of the paper (sorry for having my ruler upside down,
but there is no measuring involved).

Use the oter side of the punch to round the right
side of the file folder. 
Use small tape to stick the flaps to the back of the file
folder. This backside will be attached to your scrapbook lay out.

Then I cut some loose papers to go as recipe cards
inside the file folder.You can also use it for extra
pictures. The top of these cards is done in the
same way as the top of the file folder.
For decoration of the file folder and the rest of my pages
I used the old Hanukkah stamps from 2006 by Club Scrap.
Here a more close look at the left page with 
the file folder and I just had to add an envelope too!
They are so easy to make in any size. 

This is the right part of the lay out.
I have some images in my head that I want to shoot,
hopefully it all works out.

Finished file folder with text and punched out
stars of david.

The recipe's! Click on the picture
for a larger view.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my project,
but there is more,
yes more on the next blog.

Go and see what my friend
Kay has to show you this time.

Have a creative day!


Capescrapper said...

Hetty, what a fun page you have created for your special photos. Can't wait to see your final page. Thanks for the tutorial on making the darling little file folders. :)

Marie said...

Love that you include the family recipes on your layout. What a treasure!

Lisa Kay--Paper Artist said...

Beautiful, Hetty! I love that you are including recipes with your pictures. What a treasure!

Jill P said...

wondeful page and thanks for how to do folder tab tops

Annette said...

Happy Hannukkah my friend and your pages are terrific.

Annette said...

Happy Hannukkah Hetty and family. Love your pages.

Karen Wyngaard said...

Another great twist on the file folder technique. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family, Hetty!

Kay Williamson said...

What another treasure Hetty! Love how you've shown what else we can all do with that handy Punch Board that you've put to such good purpose.

Marya said...

This is such a fabulous use of this kit Hetty - I love that you can use the stamps you already have to make this kit fit whatever pictures you have. Thanks for sharing the tutorial on how to create that adorable file folder!

Holly said...

Great job! I love these pages!

Tricia Morris said...

Once again, great pages and a wonderful technique we'll all be able to use. Thanks for the diagram--you know I love those! Looking forward to seeing the photos you add after the memories are made. :)

rettaescape said...

Happy Hanukkah, Hetty!!! I love your page and can't wait to see it with photos.

Ink Stained Roni said...

Great LO Hetty!
Happy Hanukkah!

Unknown said...

The little file folders are so cute, what a great idea for a page.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the reminder on how to make the file folders - really like your layouts. Happy Hanhukkah!

Carolyn said...

Great tut, Hetty!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful tut, Hetty

LUCYG said...

Love your pages! Happy Hanukkah!

Queen of Dishing said...

Great tutorial for the punch board! Happy Hanukkah!