Saturday, April 26, 2014

King Day 2014

Today is a special day in The Netherlands.
We celebrate King WillemAlexander's birthday
and this is a free day in The Netherlands and
people are dressed up in orange, there are flee markets
 everywere and the King and his family visit some places 
in our country. This year one of the places was Amstelveen.

Amstelveen is next to were we live, so we took
our bicycles and went on our way this morning
to see the King. And we were lucky!!
My husband took some perfect pictures:
Beautiful flowers everywhere.
Picture while waiting for the Roayal Family to arrive.

Children singing for this event.

And here they are.
You see our former Queen Beatrix,
her son Willem Alexander, now our King
and his eldest daugter Princes Amalia.

In blue is our Queen Maxima.

After they spend an hour in town,looking at all
the activities, they went on their way again
and so did we.

We went to the old centre of town to have a look
 at the flee market and so did a few other people!

Oh yes and of course I made a card for today:
The focal point of this card is a Washi tape rosette
(one of the techniques of the latest newsletter
of the Technique Junkies) with the mini flower
by Michael Strong stamped in orange and
 embossed with clear embossing powder.

This is the inside of the card.

Why all this orange you may ask:
well, that is because the RoyalFamily is from
The House Of Orange!
....and even google knows it:
Have a creative day!


Laura said...

Love your post, with the photos of your King and the royals!!! It looked like a perfect day to be outside celebrating. Thanks for telling us about your culture! It is always so interesting to learn about other places! Love your card too! Very fun!!! ANd cool about Google's celebration of King day too!! hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the sea of orange. Beautiful birds of paradise too. Great photos - you were so close to te King and his family. Hugs,

Candy C said...

Hetty...I am so glad I stopped by your blog. How fun to read about your beautiful day spent celebrating your King's birthday! I also wanted to thank you fir the lovely comments you left on my blog. Enjoy your Sunday. Candy