Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pesach Cards

 Not only is it Easter soon,
also Passover is around the corner
(April 7 until April 13)
and Create with Tlc has some great
Passover Subway art FREE on the blog.

Subway art is so easy to use on a card.
You can even make it as large as a card and 
your finished, or frame it and hang it 
on your wall during Passover

You can make a straight forward card, like above
or add a picture and color it.
 I googled the picture of Mozes as a coloring page
and wanted to add it here on the blog,
but I just cannot find it again. But I found another
cute picture to color. You can just click
on it and safe it with a right mouse click to your
computer and print it in a small size if you
want to use it for your card.
The sentiment "Chag sameach"
(meaning Happy Holiday) I typed and printed 
with the computer in a typewriter font
I found on (type right!)

Have a creative day!


Tlc Creations said...

These turned out wonderfully! The one with Mozes is perfect.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wonderful card- fabulous!!! Have a Wonderful Holiday!