Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Abandonment

Have you ever heared of Art Abandonment?
It is something that was started by Michael deMeng
and you can read about it on his blog.

It is all about leaving your art at a normal place for people
to find. It is a gift. You can leave a note attached
with some explanation and an email address
so one can email you to tell you what they think.
 Today I dropped two items.
This card/box is called a pop up box card
and here is a link to a video tutorial:

 All wrapped up and ready to be placed in a shop.

 The second object is a project from Club Scrap
2009 Ornamental kit, decorated, stamped and
a pandora bead inside.

This project is left on a table in a restaurant.
What I am curious about is what will people
think when they see it and read the note?
Will they take it of will they bring it to 
someone from the restaurant. It is fun to think about
all the things that can happen.
I just hope no one just throws it away.
 If you are interrested  and want to join the group on facebook,

Als je  liever niet op facebook gaat,
maar wel interesse hebt in dit fenomeen,
dan kun je  je ook bij de Nederlandse groep
aansluiten en wel hier:
Have a creative day!

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Marijke said...

super leuk kadootje Hetty, ik ga het zeker een keer maken,