Saturday, March 29, 2014

Journal52 week 12: A day in the life of me

Here I am with another fnished page for my
weekly art journal. The theme for this weekis: 
A day in the life of me.

After some thinking,I wanted to share with you
something like a perfect normal day:
running in the morning,of to the gym and
some crafting in the afternoon and
a movie with my darling in the evening.

So I started to paint my page in three colors
 to make the morning, afternoon and evening.
This page is first painted with gesso and
the colors are distress paint.
Then I used the same colors on a piece of paper
without gesso underneath. Defenitely  brighter color.
I tore up the second piece to do
some weaving with it on the first piece
of paper.

I added the bird with a stencil, for I do the
runing early in the morning and love to
hear the sounds of the birds around me.

With the use of some stencils and pens,
I finished this page.

Thanks for looking and
have a creative day!

1 comment:

Marion Armitage said...

Love what you did and LOve the idea of weaving he colors.. I like reading the process. We learn so much from each other.. Great job.