Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tim Holtz: tag for January

I am very happy Tim Holtz will keep the
tag challange going. So here I am with the January tag.
This isy variation of the tag and techniques
you can find on the Tim Holtz Blog
This is my tag. No,it is not me that is
pregnant,but my daughter and she discovered
it is going to be twins! I thought  this
was just the right number for this tag.
These are the colors I have used for the
background. Pink and Blue.....not knowing the 
gener of the babies, so it can be boys, girls
or boy and girl, that is still a surprise!

I started with the dictionary tissue wrap
as a background, before adding the paint and the spray.

It is hard to make a picture of the real color,
for the silver comes through real nice.

The big two is cut out with the cricut
and i painted it black and added glitter glue
(also bad for making pictures)/ The tiny
pacifier are on tine pegs,so cute to ad to the ribbon.

Yes, this is the real ultrasound and it looks so beautiful!
Remembering my first ultrasound of my daughter.
That many years ago they were somuch more blurry,
i was told were they baby could be seen,but today
it is totally clear to see the babies.
We are in for a wonderful new adventure!

Thank you for looking and I am looking forward to
tag #2.

Have a creative day!


Donna Nuce said...

Wow! Ultrasounds have sure changed. Such a great tag Hetty! Have a great day!

ursula Uphof said...

A great tag Hetty and congratulations to your daughter. What an exciting year for the family,
Ursula xxx

Naomi said...

Congrats!!! This is going to be such an exciting time and it's just starting!

Cassie said...

The colors look amazing and I really like the glitter on your 2! Congrats on double blessings!