Friday, October 11, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102: teachings by Tim Holtz: Day 3

Day 3 is about: Distressing Differently.
For today i choose to do the 
"Smudge Stamping" technique.

Did you sign up? It is absolutely
fantastic to see all the video's,
learning new techniques and seeing 
everyone elses artwork.

If you are interrested:
 all about the class can be found here:

When you do this technique you wind up with making two
cards or two tags like I did.

So what is the story behind this tag?
The tag is all about my trip next week.
Yes,USA I am coming.

The bags are being packed,
the ticket is there
and  my friends are waiting.

Just a few more days
and I will see you all again!
Club Scrap here I come!!
Have a creative day!


Karen Wyngaard said...

Travel safely...I can't wait to see you!

Terry said...

I remember this on FB and love it and all the smudged stamping! Fabulous!

Scrapthat said...

Great tags! :D

Anonymous said...

Attractive work! You sure make smudge stamp technique look good!
Your fellow student, Sue from Colorado, USA

Belinda Basson said...

Well done on being chosen for the gallery! Have a fabulous trip!

Donna Nuce said...

Wow Hetty! congrats on making the Tim picks in class! This is a fantastic tag. Have a great day. Your blog friend in Colorado.