Saturday, January 16, 2016

Coffee Break

Stamping and sewing today!
Had to use my new Club Scrap coffee stamps

and the new material that arrived
yesterday as a gift from D.Ann from the Coffee Lovers
Winter Blog hop.
The material arrived in a plastic bag and was soaking wet.
I think the mail man dropped it in a puddle. the card
is ruined, but I dryed the material and it is ready for use.
I want to use it for a quilt I intend to make in coffee colors
and i have been saving soe materials:
Here you see the ones I have already.I need to start
looking for a pattern and to see if this is enough.
I cut the materialinto a square and had just the right
left overs for the sewing i wanted to do today: making
one of those coffee mug caddies I have seen aound. 
Wanted a free template, but could not find one, 
so I just made up my own.
(click on the picture for alarger view).

I started out cutting 3 layers of 8x11 inch of material.
Decorated materialfor the outside, a lyer of fleece in between
and a plain piece for the back.

For the pockets I cut one pice of 7 x 15 inch and folded it
lengthwise dubble. As my cup is not that big, I created
4 pockets. Before sewing this to the background, I added
the cups on each pocket from the material I receives.
Of course this is the first one and just some experimenting
with how to add the pockets, and  cover the ends etc.
Closing it by a button and a bow around the handle
of the mug.
And this is how it looks finished. I am quite happy with
 the result and think I will make another one. it is a great gift
for crafting friends. 
Will look great on my table,but also next to m on  the
couch or my computer.

And now a more close up to the card:
For this card I  also use the weathered clock die
from Tim Holtz and a coffee stain embossing folder
on the yellow background.

The stamps came also with this wonderful paper
and I wanted to keep this for scapbooking, so for my card 
I used some of the scraps from different Club Scrap
kits I have in a box.

I stamped this on the brown paper with versamark and embossed
it with white embossing powder. The little clock embellishment
is from one of the older Club Scrap kits and was just
perfect touse here. 
On many cards these days I see these sequins and I just happen
to have thes tiny orange ones to add to the card.

And the mugs are covered with clossy accent to
give them a more ceramic look. I used a white
gelly pen to make the steam white.

And now it is time to do some cooking n the kitchen.
Thank you for looking and always leaving such
wonderful comments.


Laura said...

What fun! Your coffee caddy is just beautiful! How smart of you to create a custom design!! Love the fabrics! Your coffee card is gorgeous too! Looks like you had a very productive day!!! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial and the pattern!

Tineke said...

Wat een leuk setje! En heel handig, die caddy.

D.Ann C said...

I love your caddie! Thanks for posting your pattern... I may have to try that some day! Glad the material worked for that and it looks like it will go great with your quilt! Hugs!

KT Fit Kitty said...

You made some great projects, Hetty! You are very talented and creative! I wish I could sew! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! Big snowstorm here and our power has already flickered so I will be getting off the computer in a bit! Hoping the snow stops soon but it's coming down quite heavily! Did I mention I'm not a fan of winter?!!!!

Wendy Bellino said...

Fun project Hetty! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I may have to give this a try.

Maxine D said...

Hetty what a wonderful caddy - and the card is fabulous too - great work, you really are a gifted artist.

Beth Norman said...

Love your projects. Your card is super adorable too. Sorry about the mailman dropping your package into the wet. I had that happen once and it's such a disappointment.

Daffodil Cards said...

How thoroughly gorgeous, love the design and the materials, you really are VERY VERY clever and a true crafter.

LUCYG said...

Another fantastic project. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for my Coffee Break rubber sheet to arrive. Now I think maybe I should order the paper, too. :)

Leigh Penner said...

Super fun projects!

Sue Reynolds said...

What a great coffee caddie...on the coffee cups that you put on each panel, were those stamped images, colored and then then do a satin stitch around the edges to panel? Or did you make your own applique? Also what was the material you used, was it canvas? I sew, and thought I might want to try this.

Anita Houston said...

Oh my gosh...your coffee caddy is beyond fabulous! You are so clever and this is super fun! Just a WOW Hetty!

Tricia Morris said...

This is SO adorable, Hetty! I just love it!